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SMTI Showcase

SMTI, funded in 2008, is project focused on Math and Science for Elementary, Middle, and High School grade levels. Here is some featured work.


Papers and Reports

Discussion Paper: The Common Core State Standards and Teacher Preparation: The Role of Higher Education
"This document sets forth an ambitious vision for the role of higher education and its collaborations with other stakeholders in working to support the effective implementation of the CCSS.…   more >

Video: Higher Education and Common Core State Standards (120 minutes)

The common core state standards for mathematics and recently released science framework provide an opportunity to improve K-12 science, technology,...   more >

In The Press
Public Research Universities Commit to Doubling the Teachers They Prepare

Forty-four institutions have publicly committed to doubling the number of science and mathematics teachers they prepare. Thirty-nine of these institutions...   more >

In The Press
SMTI announces new web tool: Improving State Need Assessments of Secondary Science and Mathematics Teachers

A new SMTI tool has just been launched! Improving State Need Assessments of Secondary Science and Mathematics Teachers: Challenges, Possibilities,...   more >

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