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Change in Higher Education at the TLC Retreat in Miami, FL


Change in Higher Education was the main topic of discussion at the second national meeting of The Leadership Collaborative (TLC) held on January 6-8, 2010. Ann Austin, a national expert on change in higher education and a professor at Michigan State University, stressed the importance of finding leaders throughout the institution and supporting those leaders, having the involvement of senior leadership, and taking the time to define a clear and compelling vision for the institution that helps drive the change process forward. During the meeting, participants from 24 institutions, including team leaders and 15 provosts, discussed different policies and reward structures in place at their universities for faculty engaged in STEM teaching and STEM education research. The Collaborative consists of 26 SMTI institutions to experiment with approaches and university policies to enhance institutional priority of science and mathematics teacher preparation. Results from this NSF MSP/RETA will be shared across APLU and other institutions.